Celebrating Diversity

THIS girl is gorgeous. But, more than that she is intelligent, talented, poised, and confident. Nina Davuluri took home one of the most coveted crowns in pageantry only weeks ago and is already demonstrating to the nation why her reign as Miss America is going to be pretty phenomenal. Not too long after being crowned the social media universe buzzed with talk about the history maker, the first Indian American national titleholder in the pageant’s history. Soon after, racist and demeaning comments followed. Full of positive energy Nina stood with poise and she talked about the platform she had spent her time as Miss New York advocating, “Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency”.

Nina is right about one thing, the girl next door isn’t the same as she was ten years ago and will not be the same ten years from now. Let’s join Nina and celebrate the diversity that makes our world interesting, intriguing, and allows innovation and creativity to take center stage. Celebrate what makes you different, be proud, and never apologize for who YOU are!

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