Little Details Matter!

When you are thinking about presenting the best YOU, whether that be for a job interview (which competing for a pageant title is, more or less) or simply to build a reputation of excellence, little details make up the BIG picture! When I give talks related to building a reputation of excellence, I always talk about the idea that it’s important to be the whole package, consistency is key. So, all you pageant girls listen up! Even though in most pageants you are not “judged” by your headshot per-se, you are! Every little thing forms a big picture idea of who you are to the judges. Looking past pageants, the quality of your resume, the design, the format, etc. all make a difference! Start taking time to reevaluate all those little details to make sure they are creating an accurate picture of who you want to represent!

Above Photo: One of my AMAZING clients shooting with one my consulting partners. I so love when I get to see my clients have an amazing time while working to make their dreams a reality!!!

Makeup Artist: Me :-)

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