Check it Out – I Declare

I am on a constant search for sources of empowerment for not only myself but others. I recently purchased Joel Osteen’s I Declare book and it has been an awesome read. In the book Osteen has included 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life. I read one every morning as I am preparing for my day and what an awesome source of empowerment! The truth is you can’t lead a positive life with a negative... Read more »

Nail Fun.

The other day as I was shopping in one of my favorite go-to places for quick beauty supply pick-ups, Walgreens, I decided to finally test out the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips. Well, I probably should have gone with one of the all-in-one strips before I decided to get fancy, but I guess that wouldn’t be me! I absolutely love black nail polish so I decided to test out the black tips. It took some... Read more »

Fall into Fashion.

Fall into Fashion

I have to say that one of my favorite seasons, if not my favorite, is fall! I absolutely love everything about. There’s nothing quite like being outside on a crisp fall afternoon, admiring the beauty of the leaves changing with a warm apple cider…and hey football doesn’t make things all bad either. However, one of my favorite things about fall is the fashion! I’m a fan of a great oversized sweater, lots... Read more »

That’s what it’s all about.

I’ve been competing in pageants for a little over a decade (gosh, the more I say that the older I feel). Each pageant experience has taught me something new about myself, allowed me to grow as an individual, and challenge myself to better my presentation for the next competition. There have been a lot of tears along the way, smiles, laughter, and maybe just about every other emotion you could imagine. Along the way one... Read more »

Take a Chill Pill.

Easier said than done. Right? I am notorious for over-thinking and over-analyzing things until I have literally stressed myself out. I am a planner down to the minute. Unfortunately, more than often things do not turn out exactly as planned and usually it’s for the best. After all, worrying does absolutely nothing and there are only so many hours in the day. If you are anything like me, I often find I live out of... Read more »

Live in HD.

One of my favorite go-to makeup products is Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinish Powder. This is one of the best translucent powders that I have come across. It’s made of 100 percent-mineral silica, softens the appearance of imperfections and pores while completely evening out the complexion for a glowing, smooth, and clean look. I absolutely love the finish it gives without looking caked on or powdery. Also, the container is spill proof so it... Read more »


The simple truth is that change is uncomfortable. We hold on, fight it, rebel against it and maybe even shed a few tears in the process. Very often if we think about it long and hard and look back on all the moments in our life that required change we find that it was needed and paved a path for greatness, fresh perspective, and unchartered territories. Over the last couple of weeks I have embarked... Read more »

Alex and Ani

I absolutely love super chic and classic jewelry that can go with almost anything. One of my loves is Alex and Ani. I first was introduced to Alex and Ani as I competed for Miss Earth United States in 2011 and haven’t stopped wearing them since! One of the things that I love most about Alex and Ani is their eco-friendly approach to design. Designer Carolyn Rafaelian believes that every individual has a positive message... Read more »

You Deserve More.

Have you ever prayed for something so much and then been so sure that it was going to happen only for it not to? I have (hint: Miss Delaware USA). Following the disappointment, you have a billion questions for God, you try to figure out what went wrong, why not you? After all, the Bible does say ask and you shall receive, right? Well, one of my favorite quotes says the following,... Read more »

Shop Away

I will be the first one to admit I like my fair share of lounge worthy clothes. However, I don’t necessarily want to, in my terms, look a “hot mess” while lounging. I’ve been asked a lot about where I’ve purchased these items in particular…I absolutely love both JCLU Forever and Blogilates. Both offer great quality merchandise, amazing designs, and are relatively inexpensive.

Happy Shopping,