Cleaning Up Your Pageant Paperwork

One of my favorite parts of the pageant competition is interview! In order to be successful during the interview process both in pageantry and while pursuing a career, it’s important to be overly prepared for the interview process. Most pageant interviews begin with a little work for you prior to the competition in the form of your pageant paperwork. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Spellcheck.

Yes, you would think... Read more »

Behind the Scenes: Pageant Production

Having produced quite a few pageants, each one comes with its own look, feel and creative energy. The thing that I have absolutely fallen in love with over the years is the ability to bring a thousand little pieces together to create an experience for the audience – this of course is easier said than done! With each pageant production, there has been a lesson learned, something to do better next year and always a... Read more »

Little Details Matter!

When you are thinking about presenting the best YOU, whether that be for a job interview (which competing for a pageant title is, more or less) or simply to build a reputation of excellence, little details make up the BIG picture! When I give talks related to building a reputation of excellence, I always talk about the idea that it’s important to be the whole package, consistency is key. So, all you pageant girls listen... Read more »

Celebrating Diversity

THIS girl is gorgeous. But, more than that she is intelligent, talented, poised, and confident. Nina Davuluri took home one of the most coveted crowns in pageantry only weeks ago and is already demonstrating to the nation why her reign as Miss America is going to be pretty phenomenal. Not too long after being crowned the social media universe buzzed with talk about the history maker, the first Indian American national titleholder in the pageant’s... Read more »

That’s what it’s all about.

I’ve been competing in pageants for a little over a decade (gosh, the more I say that the older I feel). Each pageant experience has taught me something new about myself, allowed me to grow as an individual, and challenge myself to better my presentation for the next competition. There have been a lot of tears along the way, smiles, laughter, and maybe just about every other emotion you could imagine. Along the way one... Read more »

She asked, I answered!

The other day one of my great friends and pageant sisters, Tamika Hall, asked me to give her readers some tips on how to ace the pageant on stage question. Here’s what I told her:

“Lauren Parkes, pageant coach and pageant veteran with titles such as Miss Delaware Earth, Miss Black Delaware, and first runner-up to Miss Delaware USA 2012 knows all about overcoming interview jitters. “I pray, remember that I am prepared, and remind... Read more »